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Sizzling Fun...
We've developed a gymnastics program that is organized, fun and rewarding! Our structured approach is a progressions-based program which ignites our students to burn at their own pace and ability toward an intended goal. We celebrate each student's goal-completion with a brief ceremony and an official certificate recognizing their accomplishments!

If you have questions, please email us or call 810-985-FLIP for answers. If your child has previous gymnastics experience please schedule a skill-evaluation to determine their proper flash-point within our program.



Port Huron Gymnastics

Basix Gymnastique - Developmental Gymnastics at FlamesGymThe Foundation...
The Basix classes focus on the essential elements of our sport. Students receive instruction on each appropriate apparatus. Using our full compliment of gymnastics and training equipment, our structured developmental classes focus on gross/fine motor skills, coordination, strength and flexibility training as well as gymnastics skill acquisition. The Basix program is divided with a progressions-based focus. Up-coming skills build on the foundations laid in the previous level. Building a strong foundation is critical to safety and success in gymnastics; and a great life-lesson as well!
The Basix for Preschoolers:

Flicker invites you and your little one to participate in 40 fun-filled minutes of structured adventure. Your Flames Instructor will help you and your toddler navigate your way through our fiery-fun mazes and imaginative circuits. Allowing for gross motor skill and listening skill development.
-One adult per child.

Half-Pints is designed for Flicker's Friends who are ready to play without their parents. The focus is on gross/fine motor skills, utilizing basic gymnastic movements and apparatus to prepare little ones for our developmental gymnastics program. Your child will have fun and build self-confidence as they learn to roll, climb, swing and balance, with their friends, under the careful training of their Flames Instructor.

Flicker opens his playground for all his little friends to come and play. A great opportunity for you to spend quality time interacting with your little one(s) at our gymnastics facility. Our scheduled Flames Instructor oversees your playtime activities, ready to lend a hand or to help extinguish your questions.
-You are responsible for your child.

The Basix for School Age Kids:


All American Flames Gymnastix - Developmental Program introduces our students to a step-by-step curriculum focused on manageable challenges. Developing strength, flexibility, coordination and self-esteem is paramount as students are tested and challenged according to age and ability. We have organized our goals onto colorful posters, which each developmental student receives upon enrollment. All students are continuously evaluated throughout each session, and are rewarded for successful accomplishments along the way. We celebrate Level Completion with an official awards ceremony, where the presentation of a medal and certificate accompanies a photo-op with their coach and Flames' friendly mascot, Flicker.



Port Huron Gymnastics

Cross Training at FlamesGymGymnastics Advantage...
Cross Training classes/clinics are designed to help our students develop some of the physical advantages possessed by gymnastic athletes. By utilizing gymnastic elements, along with strength and flexibility training, our students improve their overall athleticism and gain more self-confidence, aiding them in the pursuit of other passions. Classes are designed for entire-session athletic training, while Clinics are pay-as-you-go skill development/enhancement opportunities.

The All American Tumbling clinic is designed for those students looking for the best place to work on their tumbling skills. This Open-Workout format allows individuals to drop-in and workout at their own pace under the supervision of a Flames Instructor. Tumbling is the focus and the Flames Instructor is there to offer advice.

The All American Tumbling class is designed for those with a dedicated interest in gymnastic tumbling skills. These low-ratio classes are focused on taking each students current tumbling abilities and correctly improving them through weekly workouts with a dedicated Flames Instructor. Geared for both boys and girls, this class would benefit cheerleaders, dancers, divers, martial artists, or anyone interested in gymnastics tumbling. Beginning students develop round-offs, unassisted back-handsprings, and walk-overs. Advanced students develop tucks, pikes, layouts & twisting.

Flames Firepower Classes are designed to aid your child in improving his/her overall athleticism. Each class targets specific physical needs common to most athletic activities by utilizing gymnastic movements & apparatus. Students will spend time stretching (static & dynamic), aerobic work (cardio), and strength building.

One-on-One Instruction is offered. Please call 810-985-FLIP for availability and to schedule your Private Lesson. Private Lesson Policy demands that we have a third party within view of the scheduled lesson. This may mean that a parent has to observe the lesson if scheduled at certain times.



Port Huron Gymnastics

Team Flames Competitive Gymnastics at FlamesGymPowerful Life Lessons...
Team Gymnastix is the perfect opportunity for those who've fallen in love with the sport of gymnastics. When individuals do their part to help each other succeed, it's exhilarating! Our passionate coaches challenge the teams to prepare as individuals who are depended on. Our mission: developing determination and perseverance while building self-confidence and a great work ethic!





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