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Online Registration is OPEN for everyone!

Registering for class at All American Flames is easy!
After initially registering your child for class, re-enrollment happens automatically - guaranteeing your spot in class.
No need to re-register!
All American Flames Gymnastix employs the services of IClassPro to process your monthly tuition.

We Have A FAQ List At The Bottom of This Page
Hopefully these may answer some of your potential, specific questions.




New customers need to "Create Account" by following the appropriate link.
Current Customers simply log-in to the "Parent Portal" to access your account.

FlamesGym switched over to IClassPro's Online Class Management services on November 1, 2013. All customers have to create an online account through IClassPro in order to remain active. While this process may seem slightly cumbersome initially, we feel that it will provide you with better long-term benefits such as monthly billing, no re-registering after each session, and better communication.

Our Yearly Registration Fee of $35/family will be added to your account on your anniversary date.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the price I pay, for Each Class, or for Each 4-Week Session?

When enrolling in our Scheduled Gymnastic Classes, the tuition paid covers a 4-Week Session. There is also an Annual (once/year) $35 Family Registration Fee.
Where can I find specific dates of your sessions?
I am unable to find the dates of a specific session. I am interested in signing my children up for class, but need the exact dates of the session in order to plan. I also would like to know how many weeks the session would last.

You can locate our Class Tuition Schedule HERE. This .pdf file has the dates of our sessions, and the required payment dates. It also will let you know of any scheduled shutdowns (extended periods) where the gym is closed. It may not include individual major Holidays. We are closed on most major Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Memorial & Labor days, Oct 31st, etc. If your class schedule includes one of the un-scheduled Holidays, you are able to attend a Make-Up class.


Do you offer a membership exclusive of classes?
The situation: I have two kids who need to remain active during the winter months. I am looking for a location for them to play; not necessarily in a structured way, but more in the "open gym" fashion.

It sounds as though you’re currently interested in our Playnastix (Open Gym) and possibly our Parents’ Night Out events. Please complete the online registration process by creating an online account. This assures us that we have all your necessary information within our new system; including the necessary Waiver/Release Forms. You must create an online account. You can create an account without having to pay. This allows for convenience for drop-in (PAYGO) customers like yourself. You can still pay at-the-door, but we need to have you registered within the new system. All customers (new & former) have to jump through this slightly-inconvenient hoop.


How Do I enroll my child into a 2nd class?
A second day is a great idea! Your athlete will progress better with the extra attention.
You will receive a 30% discount on your second class. Login to your account, and pay for each class separately.


How do I switch to a different class day/time?
Login to your account via the "Parent Portal." There is a transfer button on the enrollment page.
To transfer classes you must submit a transfer request. Transfer requests have to be approved by our office staff.


How do I un-enroll from the program?
So sorry to see you go. We do have a policy for parents to drop from our program. You will need to come to the gym and fill out a drop-request form at the front desk.


How do I schedule a Make-Up Class?
Make-ups are simply scheduled by calling the gym (810-985-3547) and finding a class that is available.
Open gym passes may also be used as a make up for a missed class. Make-up classes must be done within the current month.


What if I don't want to use my Credit Card?
You can use your checking/savings (ACH) account to sign up. Or pay in-person at our office.
Either way, you will still need to create an account online.
However, you CANNOT enroll your child in a class online without a valid Credit Card or ACH account.
You will have to bring payment to our office within our scheduled payment deadline.
The auto-pay options provided thru Credit Card and ACH accounts will be unavailable to you, thereby risking late-fees and/or dropped classes for your child.

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